Get In Touch With Your Inner Librarian

I have been reading Unshelved for over a year now and realized that I don't think I have ever mentioned it here.

For book-lovers and wanna-be librarians (like me!) it is a must read. A comic set in a fictitious library. I have it set so that I receive a daily email or you can subscribe to the feed. The characters are fun and the strip takes on issues such as censorship and recently the issue of judging books based on controversial viewpoints of the author rather than on the book itself. Yes, I am a book geek.

To read more about webcomics, check out this Unshelved blog post which explains a bit about the ins and outs of comics:

But there's a downside to our control-freak existance. And that is that webcomics aren't as discoverable (or let's say, differently discoverable). You probably discovered Unshelved because a friend or coworker recommended it, or you followed a link from a listserv or blog. But many others followed that link and weren't compelled to return by what they saw. I am a little sad that there aren't hundreds of thousands of people who read our strip in their paper day after day, slowly gaining a taste for our style of humor. Nor are there folks who start reading our strip because they picked up a paper at the barber and start reading it. It's a lost opportunity. I'm not sure how much, but I do wish we had a way to reach a broad and highly diverse audience day after day.
Bottom line: all in all we like being on the web, and it's been years since we seriously discussed the possibility of newspaper syndication. But we are almost completely dependent on our readers to expand our audience. Thanks to everyone who has told a friend or coworker, or blogged about us, or posted to a listserv, or skywritten "" above the Superbowl. Well, it doesn't hurt to ask.

Well, it isn't skywriting, but I am doing my part. Go check them out.