Fun Day at the Science Museum (got to squish some pennies!)

I hope to post pictures soon, but just had to say that we had a blast at the free Homeschool Day at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore. Drove up with Kathi and her kids and met up with Joanna who drove in from Ocean City and Dee Dee who came in from Frederick. The boys were bummed to not spend as much time with Jack (the got there a bit earlier then we did and we ended up on a different schedule).

We will definitely have to go back again…there was so much to do and the boys loved it. Especially the Newtonian Area and Kids Room. TONS of hands on stuff…the pictures are great. It is late, so I won't write too much, but I will say that I was at first bummed becuase I realized that I had left my penny bag (with my pre-1982 pennies) at home. But Kathi came to the rescue and between the two of us we were able to scrounge up enough so I could press all 8 pennies (plus two extra of the two crab designs so I could include them on my crab page). No extras for trading, but there is always next time.