Finding Your Passion: Love What You Do

I have been finding lately that I really enjoy watching people who are passionate about what they do. Their enthusiasm becomes very infectious and you can’t help but get a smile on your face.

The boys and I watched this video when it was being passed around Facebook and Google+ and really enjoyed it. Jason especially liked his thoughts on glass bottles and corn syrup, as he had come to very similar conclusions himself (he is always on the lookout for the “throw back” versions of soda (made with sugar instead of corn syrup and in glass bottles). He enjoys comparing and contrasting foods in this way and he tends to notice this type of thing (he also has been enjoying trying various local pizza places whenever we travel).

Watching this video got us curious to try some of the more unique colas and sodas. I decided that it would be fun to splurge (shipping made the per soda cost much higher than I ever would normally pay for a soda). I figure that we are paying for the “experience” rather than for the actual soda. And it has been a blast so far.

We spent a lot of time going through their website and choosing our sodas to try. Many of the ones we choose were ones that were highlighted in the video:

  • Moxi, The Original Elixir
  • Curiosity Cola
  • Jack Black’s Blood Red Cola
  • Frostie Root Beer
  • Faygo: Original Root Beer
  • Red Ribbon Root Beer
  • Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda
  • Boylan Orange Cream Soda
  • Mr. Q. Cumber (yes, cucumber soda, we could not resist)

Our shipment just arrived yesterday. It took a little while to get here from California, so the excitment has been growing with the boys asking “is it here yet” on most days. We are splitting each soda between the three of us and plan on spreading the tastings out through the next several days.

We tried the Moxi yesterday afternoon…Jason liked it, Kyle was a little more unsure about he, but he did not “not like” it (he said that it had a different after taste). I found it different than most sodas…a bit milder. We tried the Curiosity Cola with dinner and each really liked this one. It was not near as sweet as most colas and it seemed to have a bit of a “bite” to it. Very bubbly and nice crisp cola flavor.

I have to admit that I am really getting a kick out of this, despite the fact that I am not a big soda person (rarely drink it myself). Probably because the boys are really enjoying it, and it is really fun to try new things. Just goes to show you how much you can excite others by sharing what you truly love.