Favorite Things: LunchSkins Sandwich Bags

One of my favorite places for shopping is at ReusableBags. They sell all kinds of innovative products that make greening your life easy and fun. Great products and great customer service.

One of my recent finds, LunchSkins Sandwich bags, are — you guessed it — reusable sandwich bags. And yes, even as a homeschooler, they come in very handy. I may not need to pack lunches for my kids to take to school every day, but we do tend to go on field trips, to park days or meet up with other families fairly frequently where we need to pack a lunch, so they get plenty of use.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy using these bags. They are made from cotton with a food safe coating which makes them extremely easy to clean. I just turn them inside out, wipe them down and put them on my dishrack to dry. I used to have reusable sandwich “wraps” made from cotton with a plastic liner, but they did not clean up as nicely.

The other aspect that I find useful is that they are pouches with velcro closures rather than wraps. This makes them easy to use not just for sandwiches but also chips and other snacks.

I have been using them for several months now and the construction is extremely durable. These are definitely bags that will last. And did you notice how cute they are? I love the designs…what is not to love…good quality construction, incredibly useful, good for the environment and great looking!

For more ideas on how to “green” your lunches, check out the Reusable Bags Blog: 5 Steps to a Waste-Free Lunch. (and yes, I have gotten reusable lunch bags, utensils and water bottles from them too!)