Early Morning Musings


Originally posted on Instagram.

Reaping the benefits this morning of cleaning off the porch and patio furniture yesterday. (The pollen that comes with spring in Virginia is no joke!) Also reaping the benefits of the first weekend in a month where I don’t have to be anywhere or have to pack to be anywhere.

May got a bit crazy there for a while. All fun and good things. Of course the fact that they were fun and good things does not mean that this sweet Enneagram Type 9 heart of mine won’t find the unsettled-ness unsettling. Reminding myself that both things can be true: I can enjoy myself and feel unsettled, trusting my ability to find the equanimity I so crave.

I turn 51 today. Looking back a year, I had no idea what was in store for me. It’s been brutal at times while at the same time feeling utterly cliché. But it’s been real and above all it feels as if it’s exactly where I’ve needed to be.

So here’s to the year yet to come and all that it holds. Who knows what my new awareness of myself will reveal or where it will take me. All I know is I’ll do my best to hang on for the ride.