Don't Forget to Vote!

As if folks around here might forget! I will say that it is very interesting being a swing state this time around. Kind of exciting that Virginia might make a difference. I have been out canvassing a couple of times and plan on spending most of the day at the polls tomorrow helping out where I can. We have been asked to bring magazines and other reading material to help folks pass the time and I will probably pick up some cases of water to hand out. Luckily the weather forcast looks nice for the 60s.

It is so great to have wonderful homeschool friends who are willing to help out...I am dropping the boys off with my friend Leslie who will get them to their forensics class and then Not June is taking them to park day. Thank you!

So if you are voting in Northern Virginia, don't forget to bring a book or iPod and don't forget that you will not be allowed to wear/display anything promoting a candidate inside the polling stations (stupid, I know).

Let's keep our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly tomorrow. Needless to say it should be a very interesting day!

And then maybe I can get back to blogging about homeschooling stuff...

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