Decision Made

Well, I have been going back and forth on when we would be coming home from the beach for the fall. And have decided that Friday will be the day! Our OC friends Joanna and Spirit are planning a trip up to the Baltimore Aquarium and Port Discovery (it is free to homeschoolers 1-3 on Fridays in September), so we will go with them and then head home to Virginia after we are done.

Jeff took the cats and the guinea pigs this weekend so that we don't have to worry about getting them home. For which I am very greatful as I know that it took some sacrifice on his part. (Have I mentioned that he is not a big pet person?). What he won't do for his family!

So I am packing up things this week and hoping that the weather gets better for a day or two at least before we go (it is raining now!). Would have preferred a beautiful week that made it hard to leave…but maybe this is better.

Feeling sad over Steve Irwin's death. Jason was such a huge fan for awhile. I know that some people feel that we should not be surprised, that he tempted death with his stunts. However, I feel that he genuinely enjoyed and loved what he did. We all should be so lucky.