Cute Puppy Update



Just realized that I have not given an Ellie update in awhile. Overall I have to say that we are heads over heels in love with this little pup. She is such a cutie and has added a lot to our family. I have to say that I am really glad that Kyle is such an animal lover and kept on us about getting a dog. While I still consider myself and overall cat person, I have very much been taken with our little cutie.

Ellie turned 1 back in May. She is more or less housebroken (as long as I don't put her off when I know that she needs to go). I will say that it has been interesting going back to that place of being focused on peeing and pooping again. Haven't worried this much about those things since Kyle potty trained! Ellie loves small fleece toys (we found some cute crabs and lobsters for here at the beach) and air kongs (toys made out a tennis ball material in different shapes…bones, sticks, balls etc) and her soft frisbee.


She has a certain way about her…she does not just walk, she prances. And when she runs, she bounds. She is beautiful to watch and I am so thankful that we have a large backyard (we are actually having to adjust to having a smaller yard here at the beach). She can run to her little hearts content and I have gotten dizzy watching her zoom in circles. She loves to chase the boys and they get such a kick out of chasing her and throwing her toys for her.


Interestingly enough, the thing that I dreaded most is the thing that I have been enjoying the most…having to take her outside and walk her. I did not think that I would enjoy having to take her out…however I have found that I actually look forward to it. She makes me have to get outside in the morning, during the day and in the evening which has come as a wonderful gift. I am finding that it is very peaceful, especially early in the morning and late in the evening. And I am finding that I like taking these breaks and that it is good for me. I notice more of what is going on in my backyard and neighborhood (the new birds nest or the changing of the moon each night). The boys and I go out together in the afternoon which is a lot of fun as well. It also gives them a chance to burn off some energy. Now, there are some days when it is not so fun and I have to admit that there were times (snowy and rainly times!) back in March that I was not quite so thrilled, but now since it has been nicer, it really is a wonderful thing.


Wow. This has gotten long pretty quickly. I may need to continue this tomorrow. There is lots more to tell…




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