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Hokie History

I am an absolute geek at times. The new History and Historical Data of Virginia Tech pages over at the Virginia Tech website have me completely giddy. Give me links to a great video about the history of Virginia Tech as well as tons of old photos and I am there. Add to that, information about every aspect of Virgina Tech life (students, administration, facilities, athletics and more) and I could get lost for some time.

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The Hokie Pokie - Shakespeare Style

​A friend sent this to me a little while ago and as a Va Tech grad (hence the Hokie rather than Hokey), I could not resist:

The following is from the Washington Post Style Invitational contest that asked readers to submit "instructions" for something (anything), but written in the style of a famous person. The winning entry was The Hokey Pokey (as written by William Shakespeare).

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