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Conference Vignette #2: On Trusting Yourself

One of my favorite parts of the VaHomeschoolers Conference is getting to meet so many homeschoolers who have just started out on their journey. I often have folks who come up after my Beginning Homeschooling session to ask me questions, usually wanting to further clarify something I said or about something specific to their personal situation.

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Mental Health Days for Homeschoolers

​My friend Jeanne has a post, The Field Trip Not Taken, to which I could definitely relate:

Sometimes, in homeschooling, too much of a good thing is not a good thing. I tend to be a go-er and a do-er, and contrary to the vision of homeschooling that is so pervasive but so mistaken, homeschoolers aren’t necessarily home all that much.
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New Page: My Life Without School Posts

I have pulled together a page with links to my posts over on the Life Without School community blog. I wrote over there from 2006-2008 and thoroughly enjoyed being part of a wonderful community of homeschool writers. The blog is no longer active, but we have left the archives up and I highly recommend browsing them if you are looking for inspiration and support on your homeschool journey.

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