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Nurturing our child’s spirit

I’ve been realizing I want to give myself more time and space for my thoughts recently so I decided I would do a bit of freewriting yesterday morning and see where that took me. We are discussing nurturing your child’s spirit this week in the Homeschool Alliance which felt like a good place to start. It’s one of the superpowers in The Brave Learner and if I’m honest, it’s one of my favorites (though I do have to admit, I have several favorites.)

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The Ongoing Process of Figuring Out This Life Thing

So lately I have been feeling a bit adrift. Going through my days. Getting things done. But not really feeling excited by much. Which I find frustrating because the truth is that I have complete control over my schedule and my life. Which would seem to imply that I should be able to figure out a way to have it work and not feel as frustrated,  right? 

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