Can I rave about my new computer bag?

I finally got the Crumpler Computer bag for my laptop that I have been waiting for (I got the "The Luncheon") and can I just say that I absolutely love it? I had a nice enough leather bag for my laptop, but it was a bit boring and "business like" and really too big for what I need. But I could not find anything else that was any better. Besides, a computer bag is a computer bag, right?

Then the other week, folks were talking about Crumpler bags on one of my photography sites and I decided to check them out. They carry all sorts of bags…laptop, camera, iPod, cell phones, you name it. These bags are so cool! They are casual, extremely well made, and very, very comfortable to carry. I got mine in green and I can't wait to use it. It is the perfect size…lots of protection for my laptop. Not to big, just enough room to throw in a book or two and whatever else I need.

I found a better price at Academic Superstore (who offers discounts to homeschoolers too). Hmmm…interesting…the price listed now is $20 more then what I paid! I guess I got it on sale? Lucky timing I suppose.

I also picked up a bag for my point and shoot digital camera (the "Thirsty") which is great…fits perfectly and has a small pocket so that I can carry an extra battery with me. I carry my camera in my purse wherever I go so this little bag will be great and offer better protection. And I could not leave out my iPod, now could I (the "Winkler")? These little bags are just so cute!

Yes, I know that it is just a computer bag…but what can I say? I just really love these bags. Early Christmas presents are just so much fun!