Busy, Busy, Busy

Oh my! We come back from the beach and just jump right in. What was I thinking! This week has been a whirlwind and it does not look like it is going to slow down for at least another few days.

A week ago Friday we got home just in time for Jeff's company crab fest. It was fun, but also hectic as not only did I need to unpack on Saturday, we also had to clean up after the party.

I don't really remember Sunday or Monday…but Tuesday I had to work our organic food co-op pick up which meant getting the boys and myself up and to Arlington by 7:45 am. We met up with Zac and Kaiya and I took them to the NovaUnschoolers park day while Kathi had a dentist appointment. We had a lot of fun and did not get home until almost 5.

Wednesday was the Maryland Science Museum trip. Also a lot of fun but again we did not get home until after 5pm.

Thursday the boys had their first Games Class at the Arlington YMCA. And then we went and played at Zac and Kaiya's again. Did not get home until after 5pm.

Friday I decided that we needed a nice quiet day with nothing planned. The only thing that we had to do was to pick up my car (was in for the 15,000 mile check up and a few other things) and pick up cleats for Kyle and a light-weight jacket for Jason from Kohl's. This turned into an all day thing when the car folks were not ready when they said they would be (I will say that I do enjoy having older kids…they both took the delay in stride). Then the trip to Kohls took longer as we found lots of neat stuff on sale…including lava lamps and electric globes for the kids rooms (they have wanted these for awhile and they were over 60% off so I could not say no). I also got a chance to hit the Teacher's Mart while we were out…picked up some things that I will need for the Real Science 4 Kids Chemistry that we hope to start soon and some fun games and neat stuff. But again, we did not get home until after 5pm.

Then today we had Kyle's first soccer game. He is on the same team with a lot of the same kids from last year. He had a blast.

All this activity means that I really have not had much of a chance to unpack…the house is a disaster. I am sure that Jeff is wondering if we should have just stayed back at the beach…at least he could keep the house uncluttered! I did get some things picked up today and got some neat ideas for what I want to do with all the miscellaneous files and papers that I seem to attract.

However we also had to pack and get ready for our trip to Williamsburg tomorrow! One of my homeschool groups got a great discount off the Great Wolf Lodge and it is also Homeschool Week at Williamsburg, so we are meeting up with Jeff's parents. We will be staying there starting on Sunday and coming back on Tuesday. It should be a lot of fun…but the timing could have been better. Oh well…maybe next week I will feel like we are finally settled.

It is interesting…I am definitely feeling the need to not be as overscheduled this fall. I have been signing the boys up mostly for 1 day events rather then classes. I am looking forward to being home and have lots of plans for this fall. Now I just need to find time to breathe…I know that it will come and I plan on being really agressive over keeping enough free time. Can't say that I have done a great job so far (!) but it will work out.

There is wireless internet access at the Great Wolf Lodge so I will hopefully find some time to check in…where would I be without my laptop!