April Beach Pictures

Here are the pictures I promised. We had a blast riding bikes up and down the boardwalk. Jason and Jack got to ride the “banana bikes” and loved it!

Kyle and Jamie were just a touch too short for the banana bikes, so they got to ride in the front of the surrey bike. But they did get a chance to try them out for a little while…just another inch and they will be off and running.

Can you tell they like these bikes?

Although it was still a but chilly, we wound up spending about two hours down on the beach Monday morning. The kids actually went in the water!

Or maybe not!!

They decided that playing on the rocks would be more fun. This is something that the lifeguards do not allow during the summer (way too many people to keep an eye on) but with just us around it was tons of fun!

They were playing this game where Jason and Jack were Cave Elves, Kyle was a Mountain Elf and Jamie was a Fairy Princess. I think that I was the troll….

 I love the ocean in the spring! And Ocean City is awesome in the off-season. No crowds, no traffic, it is wonderful.