Another plug for my favorite kids magazine

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift, be sure to check out the Moo Cow Fan Club magazine. I have written about this wonderfully created kids magazine that has no advertising and no commercial/pop culture tie ins many times before. Figured it was about time to mention it again!

It is the favorite of with both boys. They love the characters (especially Kweenie and FW) and look forward to getting it. The topics are really interesting and I like how they devote an entire issue to a history, science or geography topic. This format works well and the kids like being able to learn about a topic in depth. There is a lot of humor which is what I think mostly appeals to the boys.

They recently had a tv interview which I thought was wonderful…really gave you a feel for where Moo Cow came from and what Becky and Ryan are attempting to do and why. Definitely check it out and definitely get a subscription. You won't be disappointed!


PS Sorry for the blank post last night…HSJ was not letting me post the body of the post for some reason and it was too late for me to figure it out. Luckily everything is working fine this morning.