And Then They Were Gone

Stephanie Dock
Do you remember these chairs from my old blog header? Well, when we got down here last week, they were missing in action. I knew that they had still been here when we were down this past spring. I asked my friends Leslie and Tia who had stayed here in the beginning of June if they had been out on the dock, but they had not.
So the mystery began. We could not figure out what on earth could have happened to them. Had they been snatched by chair thieves? If so, nothing else was missing and we could not see what the draw of these two weather-faded chairs could have been. I wondered if they might have blown away, as we do get some pretty fierce storms now and again. But we had left them out over the off-season for 3 other years with no problems.
Then I talked with my neighbor and the first thing she said was "Sorry about your chairs!" Turns out that they did blow away near the end of May when a Nor'easter came through. Basically they were there when they went to bed, and gone the next morning. She said if they had realized how bad the storm was going to be they would have grabbed them off the dock.  
So at least that is one mystery solved.  And it gives us something to look for while we are kayaking...
I just spent this evening putting together the two new chairs (exactly like the old ones) we got to replace them so we are set once again. Because I have to have my chairs in order to get pictures to remember like this:
And this: