A Mystery Finally Solved (or what really goes on in Jason’s head)

For various reasons, I did not do much for dinner tonight and as such was asking Jason what he wanted. He (as usual) asked what we had. I started listing things (not too hard, as he is a very picky eater and this limits his choices). When I got to the end of the list, he blankly looked at me and asked me again, what we had.

This happens quite a bit and I can find it frustrating (mild understatement here). Before I could tell him to go look in the pantry and find something himself, he started telling me what had happened and why he did not hear me.

Turns out that when I mentioned grilled cheese, he started thinking about how he was not in the mood for grilled cheese and that it might make him feel sick. This led him to thinking about how one of his neopets gets the measles everytime he eats dairy. Which got him thinking about playing neopets and how he hasn't in awhile. By that time I was pretty much through my list and he had not heard anything past grilled cheese.

I just had to laugh. He was so sincere…he honestly did not mean to not hear me, but his mind just starts making these connections and goes from there. I did ask him if I was supposed to know what was going on in his mind…he said, no and that it would be scary if I did!

I do love it when I get these glimpses into it though!


Oh, we ended up having frozen pizza. Which Kyle then decided that he not want to eat, but so goes my life.