25 Random Things About Me

I recently had a chance to do this meme again, so I figured that I would post it here. I did a similar post a little over 2 years ago. Interesting how many of the same things came to mind.

1. I was born in Rome, NY and lived there until I was in 9th grade. I absolutely LOVED the house I grew up in. I recently stayed up way too late using Google Earth to check out my old house and the neighborhood and was amazed at what memories it brought back.

2. I recently realized that I am a morning person even though I keep night-owl hours. I am working on better listening to my natural rhythms.

3. I am legally blind without my contacts. I have to hold a book less than an inch in front of my face in order to read without my glasses.

4. At one point in my life, I was not sure I wanted to have kids, much less quit my job and stay home with them, and and even much less than that, homeschool them. Now I could not imagine my life any other way.

5. I am an incredibly "clutter-y" person and do not have a natural talent for picking up "as I go". I pick up when "I absolutely have to".

6. I have an annoying habit of leaving the kitchen cabinets open after I get something from them.

7. I am the perfect example that you do not need to be organized to homeschool.

8. While I can be very disorganized, I actually like organizing things such as my photos, files, emails, books, etc. The getting organized is not a problem, it is the staying organized that I struggle with.

9. My favorite number has always been 2. Not sure why, but it has always seemed like a simple, uncomplicated number. I also prefer even numbers to odd. I actually do not really like odd numbers.

10. I am and always have been a cat person. The reason we have our dog Ellie is because Kyle asked for one starting sometime when he was 2-3 years old. When he was still asking for one at 7, I figured that he really wanted one and could not see myself standing in between a boy and his dog. I also realized that if you got a 12 pound dog, it was pretty dang close to having a cat.

11. I thoroughly enjoyed being a complete and utter band geek in high school and college (or a band wally as we called them at SPHS...though I can not for the life of me remember why). I don't miss playing my clarinet though, as band was more of a social thing for me.

12. I worked for 8 years as a systems consultant for American Management Systems. I have been home with my kids full-time for 10+ years and don't missed my job at all.

13. I am on the board for my state-wide homeschool organization, The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers which is like having a part-time job. I am the webmaster and I also give presentations at conferences and seminars on various homeschool topics. I particularly enjoy helping new homeschoolers get started and am on many, many homeschool email lists.

14. I am a wanna-be librarian and every once in awhile consider going back to get a degree in library sciences at some point. I would want to be a children's librarian, not because I like kids so much, but because I love children's literature.

15. I have discovered many passions since being home with my kids. I am an amateur photographer. I am a writer. I am an avid reader and love discussing literature.

16. I am blessed to have a 12 year old who still likes for me to sit with him before he goes to sleep so he can talk about the day and a 9 year old who still loves to cuddle with me in the morning.

17. I have a major hang-up/block about remembering birthdays (except for my kids'). I also mail my Christmas cards and presents late.

18. People are usually surprised to find out that we homeschool as I do not fit the "stereotype". My politics skew liberal and my religious views are evolving (closest fit I have found is Unitarian Universalist). Believe it or not, the homeschool community is very diverse and made up of all types of people homeschooling for all types of reasons.

19. I am not a confident person by nature, but somehow I manage to fake it most times. I think that most people think I have it more together than I do.

20. I am learning that I really do not have control over most things in my life. I am also learning that the more I "let go" the easier life becomes. Even though I know this, I still find it hard to do.

21. I am an idealist and tend to feel things strongly. This gets me into trouble at times.

22. I worry too much that people don't understand me.

23. I wish I enjoyed cooking more.

24. I met Jeff my freshman year at Virginia Tech in the Marching Virginians. He played baritone and I played clarinet. This year will will have been together for 22 years and married for 18. Yikes.

25. I am fascinated with personality types (I'm an ENFP, Jeff is my complete opposite, an ISTJ) and learning styles (I am very left brained and Jason is very right brained. Kyle is more whole brained as far as I can tell).

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