Hey! We finally got some rain tonight!

Hehehe. My friends back in good ole' Northern Va are going to kill me for this one! While they have been socked in with torrential downpours all week, we have been basking in wonderful upper 70 degree weather. Slightly overcast, but with periods of sun. We have been to the beach a couple of times, the waterpark once and mini golfing.

Jeff keeps calling and asking if we have gotten any rain and I keep telling him no. He got caught in it on his way home from the beach on Sunday, said that he could barely see 2 feet in front of him. Got really lucky in that they closed the beltway because of a mudslide a couple of hours after he got home. Many museums in downtown DC are closed because of flooding and I have a lot of friends who have had to cancel appointments and park days because it is too hard to get any where! I am reading my email lists and friends blogs listening them talk about lost gardens and flooding basements. One friend had her monitor get fried and she has to keep kicking her daughter off the only working computer. Others have had had trouble keeping online connections.

But for some reason good ole Ocean City has been spared. It seems to go up and to the north of us each time. Until tonight. Hard to tell how much rain is coming down right now but the wind is blowing hard. I guess that we will see come morning!

I hope that my friend Kathi and her kids will be able to make the drive out to stay with us for a couple of days - it sounds as if they could use some dry weather for awhile… ~Steph