A Blast from the Past

I was going through an old notebook and found that I had written down some cute things that they boys had said or done when they were little. Since I am worried that I will most likely loose the book (and some things have already been lost because of a water spill!) I thought that I would record these here.

Kyle's Words at 22 months: look, bye-bye, ma, meow, on-off, ah-ha-ha-ha, ow, mine, juice, football, open, wow, apple, go, boon (balloon)

Kyle's Words at 24 months: mama, dade, jason, grandma, grandpa, pops, nana, granny, ink, no, mine, ow, uh-oh, vitamins, zeke/zekester, down, hat, out, crackers, bye-bye, stop, go, nurse, eye, that, babe, book, hello, eric, batman, juice, milk, all, all done, more, doggie, yucky, eww, on, off, kyle, cheese, car, truck, woof, moo, baby, please

At 3 years old, Kyle started going through another "why" stage. Some of my favorites were "Why are my legs long?" and "Why do I have fur on my arms?"

August 2003 - When Kyle moved into his car booster seat he was so excited that he could "buckle myself out"!

September 2003 - Kyle's favorite word has become "thingamabobby"

One day when Kyle was being goofy, Jason said that "Kyle cut a comical figure" and he was right!

Heard in the backseat of the car: Jason: Hey Kyle! Why did the car hit the chicken? Kyle: Looking around…there are no chickens…. Jason: Because the chicken hit the car! (dissolves into laughter…)

Hmmm…I think that I have a few more notebooks lying around…I think I may have to go dig them out…..