Getting back into the swing of things

Still have a major cough and not as much energy, but starting to feel a bit more normal. We had a fun, relaxed day where things just sort of flowed very nicely. We got up and moving this morning and went to Jason's OT. He enjoyed it and is working on something from there for me for mother's day, but it is a secret. After that we came home and did a few miscellaneous things.

One thing that we found was a fun tangram website. Jason was way better at this then I was! We played it as a family and between the three of us got pretty good.

After that we decided to go and explore a new-to-us park. I had heard there was one really close by, but had never gone to check it out (don't ask me why!) Had a really good time…there was a small creek and a path into the woods that we explored a bit. The boys rode their scooters a bit and chased each other all over.

After we got home, we read a bit more from the This Book is About Time by Marilyn Burns and learned about time zones, the international date line as well as the earlier clocks like the sundial and water clocks. The boys really want to make a water clock so I just need to try to round up a few things so we can give it a shot.

We finished up the day with the boys building with their legos and me actually cleaning out our closet. You can actually walk into it now! Definitely an improvement.

The nice thing about the day was that I actually felt like doing things…it has been a couple of days since I have been overly motivated. Colds do have a habit of doing that though, don't they? And there never seems to be a good time to get a cold…hmmm…I am trying picture what that would look like! A time when lying around in bed all day would be fine, a time when there is nothing else going on, nothing that needs to be done. Do times like those exist? I guess not. If they do, I may need to try to find it…preferably when I am not sick!