Homeschooling in the News

My friend Barb and her family were highlighted in this tv news piece on unschooling. Be sure to click on "Leaving Normal School Behind" to see the news clip.

Barb and her boys did a wonderful job at representing homeschoolers. I love some of her quotes even if the reporter did misrepresent a few things (he said that her kids will not receive a diploma and would have to take the GED or take an online course to get a certificate of completion…while it is true that her kids will not receive a diploma from the state of Virginia, she can issue her own diploma. And yes, homeschooled kids without a state issued diploma can and do get into colleges but that is the subject for a different post).

It was fun to see Barb's boys…what I want to know is where the piles of books and papers and the overflowing bookcases were…at least that is how my house looks!

Update: Barb has posted more information about the interview on her blog. I find it really interesting that even with a story on unschooling they had to have their obligatory "mom teaching kids at the kitchen table" shot. Too funny.