Life’s Simple Pleasures - Socks

Yes, I said socks. I love my new socks. I have been on a search for comfortable, thick, long lasting socks for quite awhile now. I hate really thin socks…they make my shoes feel hard and uncomfortable and don't keep my feet warm. I had found some really wonderful "world's softest socks" but they wound up wearing out in a few months. The world's softest socks just are not very good if I end up with a hole in the heel. I really don't think that I am that hard on socks…but I just could not find any that I really, really liked.

Until I found Maggie's Organic Short Sports Socks. These socks are heaven! They are soft, they are thick, they are oh so comfortable. They fit my feet like a glove. I love wearing them.

Yes, I know…in the big grand scheme of things, my search for the perfect pair of socks is pretty low on the list of Important Things. But sometimes you have got to enjoy the simple things in life. Like putting on a good pair of really comfortable socks.