We are back from the beach!

What? You say you did not realize that we were even at the beach? oops! I kept meaning to mention it, but kept getting distracted by other subjects. Ya gotta love the internet! What would I do without it. Yes, last week we decided last minute to take off for Ocean City, Md…one of the perks of having a place at the beach only 3 hours away. We left Thursday afternoon and returned this evening…one of the perks of homeschooling…we get to live on our own schedule.

We had a blast. Spent most of our time hanging out with the boys favorite OC homeschool friends, Jack and Jamie. The first two days were cold and rainy, but the boys did not care. They got to hang out with their buds! It is amazing how well the kids get along (and hanging out with their mom, Joanna is a blast for me too). Sunday it got warmer and we went to an arcade on the boardwalk and rented bikes to ride to the end of the boardwalk. Jason and Jack got to ride "bannana bikes" (don't worry I will post pictures tomorrow). Kyle and Jamie were just a bit short, so they got to ride on the front of the surrey bike that Joanna and I got to pedal. After that Jack hung out at our place and the boys had a water gun fight and a marathon gamecube playing time until around 9:30pm.

We also got to see some awesome fog roll in…it was pretty incredible. All of a sudden it started getting darker and dropped 10+ degrees. The fog kept getting thicker and thicker and you could really see it "roll" in. Pretty soon you could not even see across the canal! Jason came upstairs to ask me to come downstairs because it was a little bit freaky and they felt more comfortable with me with them! Nice to be needed.

Today we spent about 2 hours with Jack and Jamie out on the beach…there was still some fog and it was really windy. The kids loved it! They climbed on some rocks and had a wonderful make-believe game going. Jason and Jack were Cave Elves, Kyle was a Mountain Elf and Jamie was a Fairy. I got to take some great pictures…I will have to post them tomorrow as it is getting late.

I also got to do some penny smashing this weekend which was fun. I have tons of traders now. There are quite a few penny machines in Ocean City and I think I hit just about all of them.

Well, it is off to bed now….have to get up early to work our food co-op delivery in the morning! The boys are going to love me!