Birdbrain Amos

Birdbrain Amos
By Michael Delaney

Every once in awhile I completely by accident stumble across a book that we really enjoy. Birdbrain Amos by Michael Delaney is one of those books. I was looking through the library catalog for animal books for Kyle and thought this looked cute. Turns out that both boys really enjoyed it! Always a plus…they usually like very different books.

Birdbrain Amos is about a hippo who goes looking for a tick bird to eat the bugs that are bothering him. He does find one, but through a misunderstanding he winds up with the tick bird's nest on his head! Amos wants to ask his bird friend to move the nest, but can't because now she has laid her eggs. Amos endures the teasing of his fellow hippos as he struggles with how to handle everything.

This is a fun book, not overly long. (Jason probably could have read it on his own). The boys found it very funny, especially the baby tick bird Ameoba (you have to read the story) who calls "rain" "wain" and "river" "wiver". And a book that holds both kids' attention and has them laughing out loud is great in my book!