Why I love my homeschooling friends

I have been sick since Tuesday. It started with a scratchy throat which I thought (hoped?) was allergies since the weather has been so nice around here lately. Wednesday I knew it was more then just allergies…we took it easy and went to swimming and came home and read some books until my voice gave out. Had Jason read a little bit from the Secrets of Droon books (he is convinced that all the books he likes to read are too hard for him…he is surprising himself I think by how easily he is reading these). Then I crashed for the rest of the day. Went to bed early that night (which should tell you how bad I was feeling…I never go to bed early!).

Woke up Thursday morning feeling even worse. Although it was supposed to be a gorgeous day, I could not bring myself to do anything. Then my friend Kathi called asking if we wanted to join her and our friend Wendy at a local park. They wanted to do some letterboxing and wanted to know if we were up to it. That sounded doable…pack a lunch and show up at a park. So we went.

What fun! Letterboxing is a blast…basically like a treasure hunt. You go to the website and look for an area around where you live. You go there and follow the clues (stand with your back to 8th road and take 25 steps towards the creek until you come to a tree stump). Once you find the package, you stamp it and mark it with the date you found it and rehide it. We only found 1 out of the 4 that were supposed to be in the park, but the kids really enjoyed it.

We then went to the playground, had lunch and the kids played while we moms talked. How wonderful is that! So instead of being stuck inside with me sleeping on and off and feeling guilty because the boys were playing video games all day on a beautiful day, the boys spent almost 3 hours outside, exploring and having a great time before we went to the Games class at the Y. Talk about a win-win situation.

It is good to have homeschooling friends. Actually I don't think that I could do it without them. A support network of friends who get what we do and why we do it is critical. And so appreciated. And a lot of fun. So thanks Kathi and Wendy for a wonderful afternoon. And thanks to all my other homeschooling friends that are sharing this wonderful journey with us. I couldn't do it without you!