Best Laid Plans…

I was all set to actually make it out to the Nova Unschooler's park day today…weather was supposed to be gorgeous and our schedule has freed up lately (Tuesday mornings used to be our only morning to take it easy and slow).

That was the plan. Until about 12:30 last night when Jason started throwing up. And running a 102.5 degree temperature. Poor thing. Not sure where this came from. We have not been around anyone who is sick lately and we have been healthy. Ah well. It has hit him hard. He threw up 3 times last night and once this morning. His fever has been going up and down all day, mostly staying over 102, sometimes hitting 103. I have been giving him ibuprofin when he gets too uncomfortable so that he can sleep. As soon as it wears off, the fever goes back up. He is drinking, but has not been able to eat anything.

He is sleeping now and I hope that things get better tomorrow and that we don't have another rough night.