A simple Peep. Looks rather innocent, doesn't it?
A simple Peep. Looks rather innocent, doesn't it?

As soon as the boys saw Peeps in the store, they had to get them. Why you ask? Because they wanted to blow them up in the microwave! Of course!

We did this last year and it was actually really, really funny. The peeps grow and swell until they get several times their original size. There is a great website about Peep experiments. Jason was laughing hysterically through the whole thing and Kyle really enjoyed all the pictures. Especially the one about the effects of smoking and drinking on Peeps.

Watch it grow!

CAUTION: Do not place peeps on a regular plate in the microwave! We found out the hard way that the plate will crack with a HUGE bang. Use paper towels to be on the safe side.

Poor Peep!
Poor Peep!

Note: I was going to add pictures of our Peep experiments but it looks like I have to figure out exactly how to add pictures over here! So check back soon…

Update: Thanks to homeschooljournal.net's great user support, I have figured out the picture thing! Very easy too…Thanks Andrea!




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