Life Without School

A friend of mine started a community homeschooling blog called Life Without School and asked me to be a featured author. From the blog description:

"Life Without School is an on-line publication and blogging community. We live our lives without school. For some, Life Without School begins as a conscientious choice that is whole-heartedly embraced. For others, it begins as a quest for second chances and new opportunity…."

Right now there are 9 featured authors and periodic guest authors. Definitely check it out. Up now is a great post by Tammy on Finding This Life about how she came to unschooling and what that means to her family. I love her take on it…rings very true to me.

"How we educate our kids is a perspective before it's a practice. All homeschoolers might use textbooks, use real-life experience, use lists, use all the different tools available to learn (yes, even unschoolers). The difference to me between an "unschooler" and any other method is not necessarily what we do, but the perspective that got us here in the first place. What we "do" all day is irrelevant. It's the "why" we do that's revealing. It's the "why" behind the practices described in books, elists and websites that explain far more than the actual educational tool itself."

What a wonderful journey!