I think that I like my new home!

I have been playing around for a couple of days here at homeschooljournal.net and I have to say that I like it! The interface is really easy to use. I like the fact that if I am reading my blog and notice something that I want to change, I can click on the edit button and make the change without having to go through a whole major process like I had to over at blogger. The conversion was as easy as pressing a button. All my old posts were brought over including my comments.

Above all though, my favorite thing is the categories!! Yippee! No more trying to remember what month I wrote something…just click on a category and I can find it no problem! This will really help as I tend to post links to my blog a lot on my homeschooling email lists…much easier then re-typing out how Jason learned to read every time the subject comes up.

So I am still playing around and trying to figure out exactly how things work (like why my categories do not list out in alpha order) and how to change things around on my sidebar a bit. But all and all I am really happy.

So thanks to Andrea and Ron! (Yes, this is run by real homeschoolers..real people!) I hope they know what they are in for. ;)