It has been awhile…

I keep trying to find time to post, but life is getting in the way lately! We are still moving along. Having some good moments, just really busy. We had a bit of a break through with Jason and multiplication…I hope to write about it soon.

Jason woke up this morning not feeling well. I knew that something was wrong when he went back and laid down on our bed. He did not fall asleep, but this is a kid who never slows down. He had a 101 degree fever by noon and needless to say we skipped swimming. We actually had a nice afternoon…we looked at an anatomy book to check out eye muscles (the boys had their eyes dilated on Monday so were really interested) and wound up learning all sorts of neat things. We read some stories and played cards for a bit. I am hoping that a good nights sleep will help.

Here's hoping for a healthy kid tomorrow!