The benefits of having two kids with different learning styles…

This past week Kyle was digging through a box and came across our Cuisenaire Rods and Math Wrap-ups. He loves them! I had bought them years ago thinking that Jason would like them. But Jason had other ideas and never showed any interest.

I was actually able to find the Cuisenaire workbooks and Kyle has been having a blast working through the problems. I carry the Math Wrap-Ups in my purse in case we need something to pass the time.

I find it fascinating that the things that they enjoy doing correspond to their learning styles (ok…this really should not surprise me, but I still find it really cool!) Jason does not learn by memorization and hates repetition. He is a whole to part learner…needs the big picture before he can break it down and understand the parts. Jason understands complex concepts well, but struggles with the easy skills. Kyle definitely learns by repetition and actually enjoys "practicing" and flash cards. He is a sequential learner and needs to learn the details in order to move from easy to hard material.

So now I need to go dig through my stuff and find all the things that Jason showed no interest in…more then likely Kyle will love them!