After an incredibly warm winter (temps in the 60s a couple times) the snow finally came! They were calling for a lot of snow yesterday and the boys were disappointed when it was mostly rain. Then in the late afternoon it turned into snow. They went out in it when there were a couple of inches and it was getting dark. Talk about excited kids! Went to bed expecting to wake up to even more snow.

Around 1:30 am (what can I say…watching the Olympics throws me off because I forget how late it really is! Or at least that is my story and I am sticking to it!) the lights suddenly went out. Flickered back on and then went out. Ah yes, perfect. I have absolutely no problem being snowed in…as long as we have heat! Had to hunt around for the flashlights (our power went out last month due to major wind…note to self…make sure to always put the flashlights away!). Couldn't find them but was able to find some candles and matches. With a little bit of light I was able to track down a flashlight out in the garage. I was not sure how cold it would get over the night and Kyle sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night and is very scared of the dark, so I went and woke Jason up and got Kyle and had them come sleep in my room (Jeff was in Ocean City this weekend). We all fell asleep only to be woken at 3:30am by the lights coming back on! (Note to self…when the power goes off, you still need to turn the lights off!). Imagine my surprise when we woke up in the morning with the power back off again! The power stayed off until around 10:30 am. So all in all not bad. We got a bit chilly but can't complain.

Jason takes a bit of a rest from sledding in our back yard.

We ended up with about 6 inches or so which is a lot for us. The funny thing is that it will most likely be gone (or nearly gone) by tomorrow or the next day. It is supposed to be in the upper 50s by Thursday. So we have to enjoy it while it is here. And enjoy it they did. They spent some time going down a really small hill that we have in the backyard and then we went and checked out the school about 2 blocks from us. There was a great hill. Talk about happy kids. We spent a couple of hours (and yes, I joined in!). Jason loved the speed. Kyle kept saying that he was doing the luge…laying all the way back and moving his legs back and forth to steer (can you tell we have been watching the Olympics?).

Enjoying the "big" hill.

Came home and had a nice relaxing rest of the day…hot chocolate, watching the Olympics and welcoming Jeff home. They are really looking forward to tomorrow. And so am I!

Jason gets ready to go down the hill in our back yard.

Kyle takes a break

I love our yard when it snows! This picture is taken looking towards the back of the house. We are lucky to have so many trees.