I am addicted to audible.com!

OK…so I have been looking at audible.com for awhile and finally took the plunge around New Years. How cool is this? They have a great selection of audio books that you can download to your computer and then either burn to CD or load on your MP3 player. And their prices are great! I had been looking at buying some Redwall books on half.com and they were running about $25-$35 apiece…audible was having a sale and I got 5 for $40!! Even without the sale, most of the kids books (Redwall, Eragon, DragonRider, Diana Wynne Jones, Susan Cooper) that I was looking at were all around $15 or so.

They have several different membership options…I am only signed up for the basic…$10/month which got me 1 free book and great discounts. They seem to have a good selection (other then Harry Potter which I think you can only get exclusively through iTunes). I already have a pretty good wish list made up. I am going to keep looking around and might need to upgrade my membership!

Jason loves audio books (as do I) and we go through them like crazy from the library. It will be nice to add more to our personal library.

For some reason, when I downloaded my first books (on New Years Eve…yes, I live a very exciting life!), they took awhile…usually about 2 hrs or so for ~5hrs of book. However, now it only takes around 5 minutes…not sure why, but I am not complaining! Burning them to CD only takes about 5 minutes as well. Extremely easy to use.

What fun!