Moo Cow Fan Club

The boys and I just finished reading the latest issue of the Moo Cow Fan Club on Egypt. It was wonderful! We really love, love, love this magazine.

It is relatively new and only comes out 4 times a year and is really great. No advertising, no pop culture tie-ins and the boys love it. Jason is not big into magazines…does not like Spider, Highlights or Ranger Rick but he really likes Moo Cow. And Kyle is just now starting to really enjoy it as well.

They cover a single topic each issue (prior topics include Japan, Aztecs, Space, Forests, Scotland, Ancient Greece, Sports, Baby Animals, and Games) . It is really well done with a mixture of article types including comics, hands on activities, recipes, stories, articles and some pretty funny regular columns and characters.

I met the creator at a hsing conference a couple of years ago and really liked her approach and what she wanted to accomplish with the magazine. She was just starting to reach out to homeschoolers (and later I saw that she published a letter to the editor from a homeschooler which Jason thought was really cool). They publish pictures/drawings/letters from their readers and since they are small there is a good chance that if you send one in it will make it in.

Definitely check it out and spread the word!