Jason’s Parody: The Three Fat Pigs and the Straw Eating Mouse

Three Pigs went into the wilderness to buy themselves some houses. They all got one big house and made it out of straw. The Straw Eating Mouse came up the path. And the mouse said "Let me in by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin. Or I'll just come in." Then the little Straw Eating Mouse ate a hole in the house the size of a mouse and the three Big Fat Pigs ate the mouse for lunch.

And then the Big Bad Wolf came walking down the path and he said "let me in or I will huff and puff and I'll blow your house down." Then the Big Bad Wolf saw the little hole.

The End.

Then the Big Bad Wolf said "You are not supposed to end it now. The story's not done yet!"

"Hey, I'm the author here" said Jason. "Well, OK, fine. It's not the end. I'll let you eat the Three Fat Pigs."

So the Wolf goes in the little hole and eats the Fat Pigs for supper.

The End. (OK Wolf!?)


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