Merry Christmas!

What a nice relaxing day. The boys woke us up a little after 8am, opened their stockings and dragged us out of bed to open presents. We took our time, enjoying each other's presents. The boys had decorated wooden picture frames with my Dad and his wife Dawn last week and they were just thrilled to have presents that we had no clue about. The weather turned out pretty blah…it was raining and very gray. The boys were disappointed because they wanted to try out a glider and rocket they had gotten and could not go outside. Luckily there was more then enough to distract them inside.

My Mom had gotten Kyle an "Experiments with your Cat" kit which was a big hit. They really liked the effect that catnip had on Lapis and Sammie. We made pink lemonade slushies with the ice cream maker and Jason made plastic bubbles with "Super Elastic Bubble Plastic" which he loves. Kyle's favorite present by far was the collection of 20+ Lego Minifigures that I had won off eBay (is Mommy good or what!). Kyle has this thing for those little guys…he loves carrying them around and comes up with all sorts of stories for them. The Antarctica books from Uncle Vern and Aunt Nancy were a big hit as well (they recently had taken a trip to Antarctica and the boys have found their trip really interesting). Jason got the new gold bionicle that he had been hoping for.

We had a nice relaxing day, ordering pizza for dinner (had to go with Pizza Boli's since Pizza Hut was closed!) since we had our big dinner the night before and had leftovers for lunch. The boys are now in bed (well, Jason is up in his room anyways!) and I am getting ready to start on our New Years day cards (one of the ways that I stayed sane this year was to not go crazy about getting everything done on time. Much better this way (the kids liked having a non-crazy mommy this year) and hopefully none of our family and friends will mind!).

Here is wishing everyone a wonderful holiday time. All our best from our family to yours.

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