But how will they adjust to college?

There was a great article in the Daily Nebraskan on how some homeschooled kids are making the transition from homeschooling to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Talks directly to how homeschool kids deal with the whole socialization issue (which seems to be one of the biggest worries of non-homeschoolers). I have heard many times…how will they transition into college if they have never gone to high school? From what I have heard from friends with older kids and read in articles like this one is that, on the whole, homeschooled kids make the adjustment just fine.

What many homeschooling parents find, is that if their kid decides that college is where they want to go, more then likely they will be motivated to get there because it is their choice. What many colleges are finding is that homeschooled kids have a love of learning…they are there to learn, not just get a grade. Many kids also take community college, co-op or self-study courses while in high school, so going to a 4 year college is not their first taste of structured learning. Yes, sometimes depending on the kid there might be more of a learning curve when heading to college, but they do manage to adjust in most cases.

This quote sums up the article (and my personal feelings) very well.

"You're going to meet people who are homeschooled who can't (socialize), but you're going to meet public schoolers who can't socialize either," Anderson said. "It depends on the individual, not the method of schooling."

My kids are still young, so we have plenty of time to figure it all out. But hearing stories from those who have gone before me is very reassuring!