Election day in Virginia

Well, it is election day. Virginians are in the process of choosing their governor, lt. governor and attorney general and some state representatives. I have to say I have been really appalled at the negative campaigning by the republicans…way too many attacks and misrepresentation (do people really believe what they hear about the opposition in political ads?). But I guess that they think that it works. Let's hope that it doesn't. I am just tired of all the polarization…is there a middle to be found anymore?

I volunteered to work at the polls for 2 hours today…basically checked off names from a list of potential democrat voters as they came to vote. Folks who had not voted yet would be called and reminded to vote. We also serve as "poll observers" which usually means nothing, but I did get to officially observe (with my republican counterpart who happens to be my neighbor) when they had to shut off and re-calibrate a malfunctioning machine to make sure that no votes were changed or added. I feel so official. :o)

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