Great time in Annapolis

Yesterday we had a doctor's appointment in Annapolis (an hour away) and instead of coming straight home we decided to spend some time down on the city dock. Talk about bringing back memories! I spent the summers of my college years running sound and lights for the Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre. It was interesting to see that many of the same businesses were there including Storm Brother's Ice Cream Factory (which the boys recognized from the photograph we have hanging in our family room). I love the history and the colonial look and feel of the city dock area.

After hitting Starbucks (yes, I admit to my guilty pleasure!) so I could get a gingerbread latte and Kyle could get a chocolate milk (Jason does not like their chocolate drinks there…says they taste too much like coffee) we strolled down the dock looking at all the boats and wishing that we were back in Ocean City. :o) I had forgotten how much I love being on the water. I got some great pictures of seagulls on the pylons that I am hoping to enlarge and frame to hang in the beach house. We checked out the schedule for the bay cruises and I think that we may need to give them a try this spring. The boys found it very cool to be able to see the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from the dock…they have driven over it many, many times but have never gotten this kind of view. There are several nautical gift stores which we browsed and I found some really cute hand-made pottery bowls with crabs (I have a thing for crabs) and the boys got some polished hematite rocks…they love the silver color.

All in all, a very nice afternoon and gave the boys some definitely needed time to stretch their legs before heading back. I think we may need to do this more often and start exploring some of the other areas around the dock.