Where to start…

Well, I have finally taken the plunge into blogging. Not 100% surewhat the focus will be, but I will play that one by ear. Probably a collection of musings, observations, and personal thoughts. But that is what most blogs are, huh?

I guess to get this thing started, I will introduce myself. My name is Stephanie, I am a homeschooling mom to two boys, Jason (8) and Kyle (5). Married to a wonderful guy, Jeff for the past 14 years. In my previous life before kids, I was an IT consultant but I have been home with my kids and loving it for around 6 years now. Yikes! Did not realize it had been so long. We are die hard Va Tech Hokie fans (Jeff and I met while in the Marching Virginians there way back when).

I have found that I am utterly fascinated by how kids (and adults!) learn (hence the name of this blog). And the fact that everyone learns so differently. There really is no "one size fits all" when it comes to education. My oldest is a right brained learner, very visual,very non-traditional and very smart. Normal teaching methods do not work with him and he has led me to stretch what I had previously thought about learning. My youngest, I am still trying to figure out. But he is definitely more traditional. He loves his workbooks, especially math. He is very tenacious…if he wants to learn something or figure it out, he sticks with it until he does.

Well, that is us for now. Hopefully I will have time to update this now and then. :o) Thanks for reading!