Foyer circa 1999

Foyer circa 1999

One of the things that I adore about my house is the brick wall in the foyer. It is actually the  outside wall of the original 1940s house. I love the texture and the uniqueness of it. However, one thing has always driven me a bit crazy and that is the white plaster they used to fill in an existing window.

Over the years I have thought about many different options...painting it a more complementary color, using it as  "frame" for something else, or doing some sort of trompe l'oeil, but nothing seemed right. The window was the wrong proportion and I was not artistic enough to really come up anything. So I Iived with it. 

Flash forward to my "summer of photos." With my new found interest in taking photos, I have actually started to amass quite a collection of them, especially photos taken on my iphone and shared on Instagram.  I decided to take the leap and print them out using Persnickety Prints

I can't say enough good things about these photos. I chose the matte cardstock option in the 4x4 size. I was not sure about using "cardstock" but the prints are fantastic. They are nice and durable (anything but flimsy which was my worry) and the print quality and colors are simply gorgeous. I've been having a lot of fun putting them out in baskets or displaying one or two here and there. 

When I got home however, I had a brainstorm and realized that the annoying window would make a perfect frame for my Instgram photos. So I painted the white plaster a pretty blue and used poster putty to tack the pictures up. I just eye-balled the placement and it could not have been easier. If I ever want to change out the photos, it will be a very simple matter.


 Foyer - September 2013

Foyer - September 2013

My foyer is still a work in progress (as is the rest of the house) but I really love the pop of color it adds and that that it gets my photos out and on the walls.  

And best of all - the "window" no longer looks awkward.

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