10 Random Things

Steph over at A Room of Her Own tagged me for this one. I was looking for something fun to blog about (I have a bunch of things floating around in my mind but nothing gelling) and I think that this will hit the spot.

1. I am an ENFP - Reading about the Idealist personality profile in Please Understand Me II was the first time I ever read a book and said "Hey! That is me!". I find personality types fascinating.

2. I like even numbers better then odd and my favorite/lucky number is 2.

3. I used to work as an Information Technology Consultant and spent several years as a consultant to the IRS (working on their accounting systems, not tax collection!)

4. I am a cat person. My first cat was a calico named Peaches that I got when I was in fourth grade. Our current cats are an orange tabby named Lapis and a long-haired tuxedo cat named Sammie.

5. I love public libraries. The whole concept of being able to check out an book for free is such a wonderful thing. I worked at the library while at Va Tech and am trying to carve out some time to start volunteering at our local library.

6. I have depression. I have been on and off medication over the years. I have successfully been able to manage it for the past two or so years using homeopathy, herbal supplements/vitamins, acupuncture and a great therapist.

7. I am legally blind without my glasses or contacts.

8. I auditioned for my first play in 6th grade and got the lead in "The Villian and the Toyshop". My last theater work was running lights when 7 months pregnant with Jason.

9. I like organizing things but never have the time. I am a very cluttery person.

10. My guilty pleasures are Starbuck's lattes and Gray's Anatomy.